Friday, August 14, 2009

So Much

has happened, especially since summer is here. i was going to try and make multiple posts for this update, but i lost the will. so bear with me. come on, please?


-driving home one day (it was a few months ago so my memory is foggy), and have little traffic ahead of me for most of the way. get to palo and find a buddy of mine behind some slower tourists. as i am approaching i notice a small car gaining on us and he proceeds to pass me and is now in between me and my buddy, we'll call him Disc. so here we are, the 3 of us stuck behind some tourists, yet small car decides he wants to tailgate Disc. this didn't really fly with me for these reasons; Disc was behind other slower cars, our collective speed was much faster than most tourist traffic, and you don't fuckin pass me and just stay in front of me not going any faster. FUCK THAT PISSED ME OFF. so i decided to fuck around a little, swerving back and forth in the lane, sometimes into the other lane. after a few moments of doing this, Disc started to do it as well! so the 2 of us were doing a figure 8 type of dance (Aspen Extreme anyone?), sandwitching small car in between us. small car must have gotten scared or something and he pulled off really quick! Ahahaha, looked over at him and he looked like some punk ass kid. stupid fuck, we've been driving this road since you were 2. all the way home i couldn't keep the smile off my face.


-just the usual shit has been happening down there. 20 miles an hour so they can take pictures from their car, some even completely stop - in a blind turn no less. flooring it when there is a straight passing zone, yet back to 30 once a turn comes. fuck it gets tiresome. i need to fuind a job closer to home.


-ya, i got a ticket. some might think i deserve it, me included. but not on this day. i was actually being pretty good. i'm traveling south, no one in front of me so i can go as fast as i want within reason. banking around a turn, CHP is coming north and notices my speed (still within the limit) and my lack of front license plate. thinking nothing of it i continue on. i reach a red suv taking pictures, 35-60 at any given point. following this guy, i get close a couple times but not for very long, i was very forgiving this day. continuing their photo safari on the highway, he actually gets up in speed in the straightaway (weird huh?) and is somewhere near 65. this is about 1.5 - 2 miles since i have seen the CHP. coming onto the junction between flats, there's some flashing lights behind me. wtf? seriously? for reals? you've got to be kidding me. is this a joke? homeboy gets out, proceeds immediately to the front of my truck and asks about my license plate. states i was tailgating the red guy going 65. i was tailgating him for maybe 10 seconds before i realized how fast we were going and then let off. wow. what. a. dick. he turned around, sped like a motherfucker to catch up to me for a fucking front license plate? on top of that, it's somewhere around $500 for this fucking thing, even after he 'cut me a break' by taking the tailgating off. so i have a fixit ticket and a speeding ticket following somebody else. how does that work?

Monday, February 2, 2009


spent a couple weeks in hawaii for the beginning part of the year. don't expect to be in a hurry here. ever.

on top of the ridiculous traffic (there's not THAT many places to go on an ISLAND [O'ahu BTW]), the 'aloha' of the drivers is rather mysterious. some will just go in front of you without looking and continue at a tutrle's pace. while others are just asshole speeders. guess they are sick of the tourists too.

there's this really neat zipper lane on H1 near downtown Honolulu. this big machine comes along this cement zipper and makes or takes a lane away depending on traffic's need. similar to the golden gate lane changing, but neater!

anyway, not much flaming to do today. i was on vacation, so the traffic didn't get to me too bad. who knows otherwise.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

tag team

ok, so now i have something to bitch about. this happened yesterday on the way home.

-on ramp: 2-lanes that bottle neck into one before entering the freeway. entering the freeway, this lane becomes a new lane for a bout 500 feet, then becomes an exit. so in these 500 feet, you have to merge into the next lane if you want to continue on the freeway. all uphill.

-signal before the on ramp: silver mercedes to my right, hands gripping the wheel like her only possesion, perfectly positioned at 10 and 2. gold lexus in front of me. light turns green, ok let's go. this is now an on ramp once we pass the intersection, we're toping about 30mph at this point. needless to say i'm a little close to the lexus as she is not accelerating enough for the on ramp, uphill. here we are at the bottle neck, still 30mph, but i'm boxed in, the same position we were at waiting for the light to turn green. silver now decides that she wants to be in front of me, and she won't budge until she is.


-so now i'm behind them both, they both decide to continue on the freeway, they both are now flooring it like drag racers, leaving my silly 4-cyl pickup in the dusty mud. now i'm pissed. now you are in a hurry? why NOW? 

-so i push my poor little truck hard up this hill, pass the silver stabbing a dirty look at her, ignoring me as usual. coming to the gold lexus about to pass in the other lane, and what happens? you TRY AND BLOCK ME?!?!

-?!?!?!?!!!! !!!!!

-racing downhill now, attempting to get in front of this ____, dodging slower cars here and there. calm down a tiny bit to re gather my bearings, meanwhile goldy seemed to have forgotten that she just made a sleeping bull very angry. i finally reach her, pass her to find her left arm to her ear holding some sort of, cellphone?, cut the fuckin bitch off, see her flail into the opposite lane and continue to block the bitch from trying to get in front of me. lucky there was no traffic in the other lane, or was it?

-this one makes me sound like an asshole. oh well, i probably am. just wish people would pay a little more attention. just a little.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

long time, again

so this tends to be the norm, long intervals between writing. is it because i don't have much to say, or that i don't have the time, or that i don't care? probably a mix of them all, but anyway.

- saw a guy walking his bike downhill the other day

- the drives have finally been getting less and less traffic. my commute has been cut by 10-15 mins.

- since the above has been happening, i haven't much to complain about

Thursday, October 23, 2008

some annoyances

why can't people read a sign, understand it, and follow what it says? if a sign says "ROAD CLOSED DELIVERIES ONLY," that doesn't mean that the road is open to drive through. surprisingly enough, it actually means quite the opposite and exactly how it reads! THE ROAD IS CLOSED, YOU CANNOT DRIVE THROUGH THIS WAY. yet, i watched at least 6 cars decide that the rules don't apply to them and blow right through anyway. and they are shocked when they can't drive through.


dropped on your head as an adult?

taking a nap while you drive?

thinking about what TiVo will bring you tonight?

i have another month of this to deal with, on top of all the other driving to and from home bullshit. i decided to be a little vocal with the last car i saw turn around, tomorrow might make me a little more so. i wonder what it will look like tomorrow? 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a slew of bullets

- basin complex fire ran through my town, almost destroying the entire compound/ranch i live on. luckily the APVFB stayed back and protected the property. kick ass!

- driving has been hot and cold. some days i get the road to myself which is absolute heaven! other times, not so lucky.

- passed the same RV southbound one day, and then again northbound a few days later. still driving like a dipshit, and i'm sure i flipped him that special finger both times.

- still can't stand the people who won't just pull over and take that fucking picture. belive me when i tell you, YOUR PICTURE WILL NOT COME OUT GOOD IF YOU SHOOT OUT THE WINDOW. take a MINUTE and pull over. 

- i see people see me in their rearview, yet do nothing. or they give me the hands up "what?" do you really want me to count all of your chin hairs while i wait for a passing zone, lady? because that's what i need to do in order to not fall asleep while following you. that 40 seconds you lose is 10 minutes gained for me.

- drive with 1 foot only if you drive an automatic. your lazy left foot is on the brake.

- sometimes i find myself falling asleep follwing some people. i try to find ways to keep myself awake. driving in S curves worked for a while, but i only do that when i REALLY want them to pull over. the other day i decided to drive while looking through the crack between the steering wheel hole and the dashboard. ya, that was fun.

well i think that's it for now, more to come, hopefully within the month. hah!

wtf have i been?

and who cares, really?

well i've been doing some thinking towards this here blog, and decided i would try to write in bullet points from now on. this decision came based on a few factors:

- i pretty much hate to read, so the less words the better
- i don't like to capitalize things, but don't mind adding punctuation when necessary
- this should take less time
- it just looks neat

i'm sure there were a few other factors, but hey, i forgot!

and i almost forgot to answer my own question. man, i should be pissed at myself. fuggit i'll post anew.